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Social Media Marketing.

Facebook Ads, Instagram Growth, Video Content. 

Interested in growing your traffic, leads, and sales? The Local Agency is a team of social media marketers and specialists who can grow your business. 


Grow Your Business.


Find Your Audience.


Increase Your Reach.



A franchisee who owns three gyms in Victoria, Australia spends 90% of their marketing budget on Facebook advertising. Their ad spend is $1000 on each gym per month. One campaign produced great results generating 21 new members, producing a return 15 times the spend for the month.


Why Hire A Social Media Agency?

You need a clear strategy, time and resources to be successful on social media. This is where The Local Agency and its team comes in. We bring experience and learnings from testing strategies across many clients to your brand.


Facebook Advertising

Through targeted Facebook advertising, we'll focus our efforts to increase exposure, engagement and generate leads for you.


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Content Management

The Local Agency can post, engage and grow your businesses following on Instagram and Facebook.


Some Of The Amazing Brands That We Work With.


Instagram Growth

A social media growth service designed specifically to grow your brand and client leads through Instagram.

64% of consumers are more likely to trust a brand if it interacts positively on social media.
— 2017 Sensis Social Media Report

Video Content Creation

The Local Agency can leave a lasting brand impression through powerful video content.