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Why Social Media Matters For Your Business

why social media matters for your business

59% of Australians access social media every day. Over a quarter of Australians check social media over 5 times a day. 94% of Australians use Facebook and 46% use Instagram.
— Sensis Social Media Report, 2017

Marketing your business on social media is essential. Here are 6 reasons why social media matters.

Advertising Campaigns

Create targeted advertising campaigns specific to your target audience using demographic data. This specific targeting can result in quality leads. These ads can direct people to your website as well, helping to drive traffic.

Social Searching

Social media channels are essentially search engines. Just like they do with Google, people search for what they are looking for on social media. 

Target Audience

Social media provides an opportunity to reach out and converse directly with your target audience. No matter what your niche is, there is an audience out there on social media for you. Tap into the hundreds of millions of unique users by starting conversations on multiple platforms. 

Data Insights

Learn more about your social audience. Each social platform has it's own tool for gaining data about it's social audience, so you can discover what type of content resonates best with your audience. Know when your audience is active and online, including the age, gender and location of people. 

Brand Awareness

Social media is a place of discovery where people learn about brands and their products/services. By amplifying your message with a strong, engaged social presence, more people are made aware of your brand. 

Brand Loyalty

Make people advocates for your brand by creating great content that they want to interact with and share. Become a brand that they can trust.


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