Interested in growing your traffic, leads, and sales? 

Social Advertising

We launch marketing campaigns that drive real impact. Share your message with a target audience, raising brand awareness and intent to purchase or through a direct response campaign, The Local Agency can drive an action, offering a promotion and clear call to action.

Ad Campaign Setup

First, we setup the advertising objective which clearly defines what you want your ad to achieve. What customer behaviour are you trying to change? What will that do for the business? Next, we define your targeting strategy by setting up parameters like targeting, budget and schedule. Finally, we upload your creative image or video. 

Creative Ad Content

We work with you and your brand to design and create tailored ad content, including images, videos and copywriting.

Audience Targeting

We tailor your ad to target the audience you want. Where does your target audience spend time online? By using Facebook's targeting options, we define your audience through behaviours, interests and demographics. 


We customise a call-to-action to promote your business objectives, whether its to lead customers to your website, call you direct or find you on the map.

Campaign Management

Execute, manage and optimise your social campaigns regularly to increase ROI. Refine audience targeting to improve campaign performance month-to-month.

Analysis and Reporting

We measure and analyse the campaign results and performance to understand how you connect with your audience and to improve future campaigns. We provide you with weekly and/or monthly reporting.

Metrics That Matter

Cost measures how much is spent on a campaign, including agency or ad fees.
Reach measures the number of people contacted through impressions, visitors, video views, and so on.
Response determines whether or not audience members take the actions you want them to take through metrics like clicks, swipes, or completed views of a video.

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